Courses offered by the Studios may be taken by students from ages 3 to adult, beginner through advanced.  Students may study one hour weekly, or may choose from competitive programs meeting twice or three times weekly.

TOT CLASSES FOR AGES 3-5:  (a DeMarie specialty) are offered Saturday mornings, weekday mornings, and weekday afternoons. This course introduces the fundamentals of jazz, tap, and ballet to the very young. With music appreciation and character acting, the child's creativity, motor skills, and confidence are developed while having fun. The children sing and dance to music designed especially for this age group.

BALLET CLASSES:  are offered from age 6. Ballet develops excellent structure, tone, placement, technique, strength, and flexibility of the body.  As the "mother" of dance, ballet is essential for any student who desires to be placed on our competition teams..

TAP CLASSES:  are offered from age 5 and are a great source for rhythmic and motor skill development. As an audible dance form, tap is effective in stimulating a natural sense of rhythm and beat, and is popular for all ages.

JAZZ CLASSES: are offered from age 5. This free style of dance involving stretch, isolations, jumps, kicks, turns, and combinations influenced by the contemporary dances and music of today, is taught backed by the DeMarie technique.  

HIP-HOP CLASSES:  This trendy fad based on street dancing combines today's latest music and moves as seen in music videos. A fun and energetic class!

ACROBATIC CLASSES:  Acro develops flexibility, strength, and coordination. This course is based on floor exercise and tumbling. A must for the all-around dancer.

JUMP AND TURN CLASSES:  This class focuses on the progressions of Jazz dance utilizing variations of leaps and turns. This is a fun way to improve your technical skills! We recommend this class for those dancers who are also enrolled in a jazz class, as it is a continuation of that coursework. 

MUSICAL THEATRE DANCE:  This "production" style class is offered for ages 8-11.  Classic Broadway music is combined with choreography to create a truly theatrical experience.

STRETCH CLASS:  Taking the time to fully warm-up the body is the focus of this class. By stretching and strengthening muscles at the same time, dancers not only increase their flexibility but they develop a higher awareness for their body and muscles. 

CONTEMPORARY/MODERN:   Combining the influence of Horton modern technique with current contemporary styles, this is one of our most popular classes. Challenging students both technically and stylistically, contemporary modern is great for the student looking to progress in their dance training. We strongly recommend that students are also enrolled in a ballet and/or jazz class when taking contemporary/modern. 

LYRICAL:  Through musical interpretation, lyrical dance provides the student with a chance to challenge themselves artistically. Since this class is based on the combination of technical execution and lyrical expression, we ask that students be enrolled in a ballet class when taking lyrical. 

BOYS ACRO/HIP-HOP:  Athletic and fun, this class is a great way for athletes of all kinds to develop agility and coordination. We also teach a fun and funky routine to perform in our annual June recital! No prior dance experience is required. BOYS DANCE FOR 50% OFF REGULAR TUITION FEES.

CHEER DANCE AGES 7-11: A very popular and energetic class using Pom Poms and great cheer music. The students are taught an exciting routine that is sure to stop the show !!!

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